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We pride ourselves on being a strong educational resource for fitness, health and wellness.

Learn about current health topics that help to improve your quality of life. We work with professionals in the industry to offer interesting and diverse seminars that are simple to apply to your lifestyle!


Join MELT & STOTT PILATES Instructor Julie Conlin for this all level workshop! `learn to eliminate stuck stress before it accumulates causing chronic aches, pains and unwanted signs of ageing. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and back pain, enhance athletic performance and keep the whole body feeling great!



September 21st from 2pm-4pm


October 26th from 2pm-4pm


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Past Seminars & Events

Nutrition Seminar

(October 11, 2015) Confused about what you should be eating? Learn about why our modern food supply is making us sick and tired. We will discuss the differences between food myths and misconceptions and how to make small dietary changes today. SIGN... read more

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