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Therapeutic Exercise

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle
The body is an interconnected whole. Pilates creates whole body, positive movement experiences, a factor in effectively managing pain and injury.

Pilates Method Exercise is embraced by Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine professionals alike as a tool in the post injury rehabilitation process.

It is gentle on the joints, highly adaptable to meet personal needs and works to create positive movement experiences through precise and controlled training that focuses on quality not quantity. These are a factor in regaining function, posture, strength and endurance.

The equipment is supportive to the body and enables better awareness to help you move better. Different apparatus will challenge the body in different ways thus preparing you to move through life with confidence.

Personalized Instruction is recommended for those currently managing and injury.

Calgary Pilates is aligned with Physiotherapy Professionals and continue to build strong working relationships and mutual respect with our resources.

“Doing Pilates has strengthen my core and the muscles around my (hypermobile) hip enough that I can start a walk/run routine again – for the first time in 2 years. Ashley did a great job of taking my specific needs and mobility issues into consideration. ”

Erin B.

“Love Calgary Pilates. I have been going for over 5 years for private and semi-privates sessions. My instructor, Tomo, is incredibly knowledgeable and meticulous about maintaining correct form. She has patiently guided me on how to manage and improve my chronic low back issues. I've improved my core strength without compromising my back and will never give up my Pilates nights with Tomo for anything.”

Evelyn W.

“Tomo has helped me become a faster runner and stronger cyclist. It's always new and challenging sessions with her. Thank you!”

Kate R.

“Been there! Done that! Still doing it!.... Calgary Pilates has it all!”

Bonita F.

“This place is clean, the instructors are super knowledgeable, and the small class sizes ensure that you actually get some personal attention (which is kind of the point - if form is so important, you need someone to actually pay attention to your form).”


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