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Karrie grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Calgary, allowing her ample opportunity to participate in various sports and lead a highly active upbringing. At a young age she discovered a love for dance, and pursued her passion for six years in a competitive atmosphere. Upon completing high school, Karrie took an interest in the hair industry. After training under some of the most accomplished stylist’s in the city, she began a successful career in one of the top salons in Calgary. After three years in the industry she developed a rare condition that progressively caused weakness and atrophy in her arms, no longer allowing her to continue with her career.

After years working on her feet causing back pain, and increasing shoulder and neck muscle tension from her condition she discovered the benefits of Pilates and how it helped improve her quality of life. Upon further research she discovered the STOTT PILATES method and was drawn to the extensive anatomical knowledge incorporated into a functional fitness practice. She began her certification in 2005, and has been an instructor with the studio since early 2006. Since then she has become a fully trained STOTT PILATES instructor, and has had the pleasure of working with many clients with varying health issues. She finds deep gratification in helping others to achieve goals they felt were unattainable due to years of chronic pain, or limitations from health issues. Having had to accommodate her own condition has helped her to become more imaginative and innovative in modifying exercises to accommodate her diverse clientele.