TOTAL BARRE Teacher Training

Learn to design and teach highly evolved Barre classes for any setting with confidence and knowledge.

Learn choreography, exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement, as well as how to effectively utilize the power of music to create safe and fun barre classes that focus on increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. It truly is a program geared for everyone—no dance experience required!

Total Barre
Foundations Course

The Total Barre Foundation Course provides the groundwork education for Instructors, enabling them to produce safe, effective and varied barre training programs that address the needs and goals of every client.
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The 7 hour, one-day Total Barre Foundation Course provides the groundwork for Instructors to produce safe, effective and varied barre programs that address the needs and goals of every client. Participants are introduced to the Total Barre Principles – six movement awareness fundamentals that provide the structure and biomechanical basis for each exercise. During the course, participants have the opportunity to experience the movements before examining the application of the principles, and learn the essence of each exercise along with the theories of dynamic stability, optimal mobility and movement efficiency.

Our Total Barre program provides a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience to help you master the repertoire.

General Course Objectives:

  • Learn creative choreography of a well-balanced Barre workout.
  • Receive a template to effectively guide participants to modify and choreograph future workouts.
  • Break down various movements and explore the stabilization and mobilization required to achieve them.
  • Learn how to cue, correct and modify effectively for all populations.
  • Experience and implement six Total Barre Foundational Principles.
  • Participants are supplied suggested beats per minute for each segment of the workout they learn with optional music playlist.

What you will learn:

    • How to use of the Total Barre Template
    • Choreography to teach exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement
    • How to use and choose appropriate music for the template
    • The most efficient way to cue and correct when teaching to music
    • Suggestions of modifications or props are made throughout the workout to aid and progress clients and add variety

Requirements of Qualification:

This course is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement who hold a related certification and/or degree, however, all those interested in this material are encouraged to participate

Total Barre
Continuing Education

These sessions focus on barre exercise progressions, movement form and efficiency, and the importance of cueing with music for movement quality.
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Designed to support the groundwork learned through the Foundations Course, a series of specially programmed workshops are available.

Workshops provide instructors with pre-programmed workouts specifically designed to address a specific aspect of fitness training or to suit a particular target group. Additional concepts are explored— including the value of cardio-based intervals within a program, suggestions on themes and training programs geared toward specific fitness goals.


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