Andrea (AKA Andy) was introduced to Pilates when her physiotherapist suggested it as a way to reduce reoccurring back pain. After just a few lessons, she had a reduction in back pain and could see how incorporating the basic principal of Pilates into her own workouts and daily life just made sense! Working as a personal trainer Andrea was taught to focus on big movements while working the bigger muscle groups, but since becoming a certified Stott Pilates instructor, she has gained a deeper understanding of the importance of all the small, stabilizing muscles in our body and the effect these muscles have on posture, improving overall strength, endurance and ultimately preventing injury. She trains with the belief that being strong means being balanced throughout the entire body, working from the inside out. And this in turns leads to improved performance in everything we do! As a certified personal trainer Andrea enjoys teaching TRX, group fitness classes and working one on one with clients. Since becoming a fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Andrea’s main focus is working with post rehab clients, although she also loves to mix things up and challenge advanced level clients as well! Andrea is also a certified Yamuna ball rolling instructor.