therapeutic massage

What is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage treatment focuses on muscular imbalances using a combination of massage techniques from relaxation to deep tissue. Treatments may also incorporate therapeutic tools and processes such as dynamic cupping, hot stones and myofascial release.  See the “Types of Massage” section below.

Assessing the body prior to starting a treatment plan reveals the state of being of the person and helps the therapist determine the approach to treatment. Not everyone needs deep tissue massage right away; often the body’s system is too heightened and needs a more gentle approach to begin with, particularly after surgery.

Additionally, part of massage treatment is Therapeutic Exercise which is an integral part of injury and postural rehabilitation. Muscle and postural imbalances need to be corrected in order to truly achieve health and wellness. If you alleviate the symptoms, but don’t correct the imbalance, it’s just a matter of time before the symptoms return. It is essential to eliminate the cause.


Is therapeutic massage for you?

It’s for everyone! Your treatment is customized for your needs. If you are feeling stressed and just want a relaxing massage but with a little deeper work into the shoulders, let your therapist know.

A good thing to keep in mind is that an experienced massage therapist will sometimes suggest an area that needs work that maybe isn’t causing you pain but could be the cause of your discomfort. Nonetheless, they will work with you to best serve your needs.

What to expect?

We suggest booking an Assessment time slot on your first appointment. Currently the 30min assessment is free with any 60 or 90 minute massage appointments. 

Please bring shorts and sports top for your assessment, or whatever you feel comfortable in. 

During your treatment time, the therapist may do any, or all of the following assessments in order to create an appropriate treatment plan. 

  • orthopaedic assessment
  • postural assessment
  • movement assessment
  • goal assessment

Treatment plans may consist of regular Massage and Therapeutic exercises sessions at the studio. Home care routines may be suggested for in between appointments.


Types of massage

Massage techniques include any or all of the following; 

Soft tissue Manipulation

Myofascial release techniques 

Relaxation including scalp and feet massage 

Deep tissue techniques 

Triggerpoint therapy

Joint play and Low grade mobilizations

Pre- and Post-natal massage

*when you book a 60-minute massage

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Rochelle H.

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Sigrid H.

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Francis D.

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"Nicely set up studio, great atmosphere, good dynamic among instructors from the client perspective. Great studio! Highly recommend it!"


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