Trish is no newcomer to creating positive, engaging learning environments—having spent nearly a decade teaching graphic design with SAIT. She’s also no newcomer to living a busy professional and personal life—having held senior marketing/design roles and raising a family.

During those busy years, Trish discovered Pilates and started to feel the positive effects of living a lifestyle that included mindful movement. After a few more busy years, and with the brood fully grown, Trish decided to pursue her passion for teaching and movement with STOTT PILATES instructor training.

She blends her excitement for contributing to supportive, fun learning environments with her adoration for what is possible through mindful breath and movement in each session.

Trish is currently working towards her Level 1 STOTT PILATES certification with completion of Intensive Matwork, Intensive Reformer, Intensive Cadillac, Intensive Stability Chair, and Intensive Barrels.