Master the fundamentals of alignment to gain insight into your body and how to address its challenges.  Train your body to move as a whole, not just the parts, to carry you through to your next milestone and beyond.

Having undivided attention from an instructor is invaluable when it comes to your progress.
With consistent practice, you will see and feel dramatic changes in your body after 10-20 sessions.

Let us tailor your pilates training to your specific needs, ability and goals.

Private Training

This isn’t your average personal training session. You’ll gain an understanding of your movement patterns and physical challenges while working with one of our highly-trained instructors who will then create a program tailored specifically to you and your goals. Whether you are recovering from injury or training for a marathon, you will discover a new level of strength, awareness and balance. Get ready to change the way you move and see your body.

Semi-Private Training

Did you know? Studies have shown that working out with a partner not only helps keep you motivated and accountable but also boost your progress and improve your results! Reap the benefits of private training with instruction personalized to both participants.

Did you know that we also offer Therapeutic Exercise?


Whether you are just curious about what Pilates is, or looking for an in-depth introduction to our sessions and classes, a great way to get started is with one of our Intro Offers.

Book a Private or Semi-Private Session

To book your session select your appointment type and date then the time slot that works for you. You will be taken next to the login page to complete your booking.

"Because of the great instructors, the transformation of my body happened so quickly! I was able to see a change in my poor posture almost immediately. People in my life were asking me if I had gotten taller!"
Rochelle H.

"I have been coming to the studio since 2000. The current space is large and full of light. All apparatus and equipment are up to date. The instructors are exceptionally well trained on an ongoing basis and are tuned into ones abilities and needs. I will and have often recommended this particular studio. "
Sigrid H.

"As a vain 50 year old, I must say my abs haven’t looked this good in decades! "
Francis D.

"I find Calgary Pilates to be warm, supportive, nurturing and challenging in my quest for body maintenance."

"The studio space is clean, bright and friendly. The atmosphere and staff are welcoming. The instruction and equipment are professional and very good!"

"Nicely set up studio, great atmosphere, good dynamic among instructors from the client perspective. Great studio! Highly recommend it!"


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